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Video: Man Finds GF With Another Man In A Hotel On Val’s Day

Yesterday was the Valentine’s day and across the world, those who care about the day actually observed it as it’s supposed to be.

Many took their partners on expensive dates, others also bought expensive gifts including cars for their partners.

Just as the celebration was going on with happiness written all over the faces of the people, some people also hard the sho¢k of their lives when their partners lied to them and went about hang!ng around with other men and ladies.

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In fact, some describe the day as a that everyone will know their position in their current relationship. And true to the words the prophesy came to pass.

A man was left in shock and fuming about at the reception of a hotel after he bumped into his girlfriend and another man making out.

The man became furious and created a scene at the hotel. The lady in her all-red Val’s day apparels could not hold back her t£ars amidst begging her boyfriend profusely for forgiveness.

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According to the man, his girlfriend gave an excuse that she is not allowed to go out on the a date on the day and he understood her only to find her with another man.

Check out the video below.


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