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Video: Man Blasts Girlfriend For Asking For Gh¢ 4,000 To Do Her Hair – Watch

Most of these Ghanaian girls actually don’t know what they want. Their demands are outrageous but sometimes they seem not to even realize the absurdity in what they’re doing.

A Ghanaian girl has put in a request to her boyfriend to cough up a whooping Gh¢ 4,000 for her to go and do her hair.

The man who obviously was livid for the right reasons put her on the blast on his social media pages.

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The man identified the girl as Abigail and asked her to be re*sonable in her demands because even at home his parents are not doing better.

He mentioned that the girl’s father has struggled to raise Gh¢ 1,500 for the girl to pay for her school fees at Ghana Media College and yet she is demanding an amount three times higher than that to be given to her for a hairdo.

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