Home Entertainment Video: Majid Michel Explains Why He Was Arrested By NaCOB

Video: Majid Michel Explains Why He Was Arrested By NaCOB

Celebrated Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel was once arrested by the Narcotics Control Board, NaCOB for commenting on doing drugs.

The actor was in the studios of Okay FM in an interview with Abeiku Aggrey Santana where he explained how a harmless statement he made about drugs landed him in the net of NaCOB.

Majid Michel told Abeiku that, he granted an interview some time ago and in the said interview, he was asked about his view on the push for weed to be legalized in the country.

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According to the award-winning actor, he said he sees nothing wrong with such calls because weed is just a plant created by almighty God just like any other plant.

The man of God also told the host that he has done drugs in the past and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using weed for a specific purpose.

He revealed in the interview that, his house was ransacked the following morning by members of the Narcotics Control Board in search of some drugs.

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He was thoroughly investigated after he was picked up and sent away.

They found no drugs with him and he was released later. He added that he was educated on the use of narcotic substances and how he can answer questions regarding the topic in his future interviews.

Watch the interview below.


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