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Video: Luchy Donalds Teases Men With Her B00bs – Watch

The entertainment industry is choked with all manner of people. The huge number of industry players nowadays has resulted in people indulging in all kinds of antics whether positive or negative to stay relevant.

Some have relied heavily on their good looks and have exploited social media to do the publicity on their behalf. This strategy has been working really well for the ladies, especially.

Unverified facts also has it that, some ladies in the entertainment industry rely heavily on their good looks to attract rich men into their lives. Most of them have been living large even though their relevance in the industry cannot fund such lifestyles.

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That notwithstanding, there are others too who have been doing well without abusing any of the above mentioned. They use pure talent and some level of good looks to grab the attention of everyone in the industry.

One of such is Nollywood thespian, Luchy Donalds. Luchy Donalds is a very beautiful lady who has been in the movie industry for a long while now. She has been a big favorite for many a Nollywood fan.

Her charming beauty and her well shaped nyash complimented by her talent are doing the magic for her. Just like her colleagues, Luchy Donalds has used social media very well to her own advantage.

She regularly posts sumptuous photos and lip-licking videos on her Instagram page which has quite a huge following. She has posted one of such videos which shows her b00bs clearly in the white dress which had no business with the upper part of her body. The dress dealt with only the lower part of her body leaving the upper part to the mercy of the weather and the eyeballs of social media folks.

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Luchy Donalds might have been going somewhere with such a preparation and she couldn’t just afford to have a wardrobe defects.

We have the video below for your viewing pleasure. Watch!


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