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Video: Luchy Donalds Displays Her Goods, Causing Traffic On IG

Nollywood actress Luchy Donalds is at it again and this time round she has decided to display her front and back goods for the millions of eyeballs on Instagram.

In a video she shared on her Instagram page, the award-winning thespian wore a pink top with a sea blue tight shorts that emphasized her curves really well.

Luchy Donalds in the video tried to do the squatting pose which has recently become the preferred pose for all the social media big gilrs.

She revealed in the caption that, she is still learning how to do the squatting pose but it seems it is not going to be easy and she’s in for a long ride.

After squatting for a few seconds, Luchy Donalds could be seen grasping for breath as she tried to say her usual slogan, “LD to the toppest top”.

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She stood up a few moments later and gave her viewers a 360° view of her nicely shaped ba¢kside. Her huge assets at the back received the needed attention only for while.

It was now the turn for the frontal view and she didn’t fail to give us an overview of what she was hiding beneath her tight sea blue shorts. Her private organ was shaped in such a way that you could tell all of its boundaries.

Teasingly, Luchy Donalds burst into a hearty laughter with her friend who played the role of the camerawoman in this episode.

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Luchy Donalds, as we keep saying, is one of the most beautiful ladies in Nollywood. Her natural skin glows so well that she has maintained it without altering it cosmetically.

In an era where many a young girl will grab an opportunity to go for liposuction with both hands, Luchy Donalds dares to be different. Her assets are natural.

The melanin color of her skin popping and she’s loved for that by many. Her infectious smile is another hidden secret. It is a weapon that she has used strategically to garner a lot of following on social media.

Check out Luchy Donalds latest video below.


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