Home Social Buzz Video: Lady Narrates How She Became A Sidechick To Her Ex-husband

Video: Lady Narrates How She Became A Sidechick To Her Ex-husband

Patience, they say, moves mountains! This statement is true in all of its forms and shapes. It is also applicable to all life stories.

Those who exercise a lot of patience are able to reap the benefits that comes along with it. But those who are impatient mostly end up ruining golden opportunities.

One lady is now biting her fingers for a mistake that she did whiles married to her ex-husband.

In a video on social media, the lady narrated that she dated the husband for four years and through those four years, life was a bit hard for them.

But in the fifth year they had a financial breakthrough and the then boyfriend proposed to her and she accepted without thinking twice.

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Whiles they were married, she realized that the husband’s attitude towards her was a bit different from how he used to be.

Her investigations proved that the husband was having an affair with her elder sister. She divorced her husband on that grounds.

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Later, her ex-husband married her elder sister. She was still missing her ex badly and she ended up being a sidechick to the man who used to be her husband.

For the full narration, watch the video below.


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