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Video: Lady In Tɛars After Her Husband Decided To Marry Her Best Friend

This world is full of bɛtrayals here and there. The people you help today might just be your undoing in some few years to come.

Many have betrayed their one time helpers and those at the receiving end of the betrayal are left dɛvastated.

One beautiful lady is in tɛars after discovering that her best friend is about to get married to her husband.

Reacting to the news of the marriage on social media, the lady stated that she’s very happy for both her husband and his new wife to-be, her best friend.

She also revealed that she has always suspected them to have some feelings for each other and her suspicion was confirmed when the wedding date was set at her blank side.

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Even though she kept saying that she was happy for the two love birds, uncontrollable tɛars kept rolling down her cheeks throughout most portions of the video.

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Netizens have been talking about the video. The incident has served as a caution to all to be very careful about those they call friends. Check out the video below.


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