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Video: Lady Gives Men Tips On How To Deal With Gold Diggers

Men are considered as cash cows for women these days! Women have seen men as a poverty eradication plan for them, especially, when there’s a relationship between them.

These are incorruptible facts!

These women who can be easily located in every nook and cranny of the world are considered as gold diggers by men.

Most men don’t want to fall in love with such women for fear of been drained financially through their penchant for heavy expenditure.

Nigerian actress, Kelechi Okafor in a short video spotted by this portal has some advice for men who don’t want to fall into the trap of gold diggers.

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The Britain based Nigerian actress, Kelechi Okafor advised men to stay away from such women if they find them obnoxious and allow those who can fund their lifestyles to go in for them.

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Kelechi Okafor also noted that those who like labelling women as gold diggers mostly don’t even have the gold to be dug.

Watch Kelechi Okafor as she disseminate her message in this less than a minute video.


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