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Video: Lady Explains Why She Can Never Stop Doing Ashawo

This year is loosely described as Ashawo season for a reason. It is early days yet, but the kind of weird things happening around is mind boggling.

A lot of girls have come out to professed their affinity for promiscuity. The boys have done same and happenings in the past Valentine’s day was just a tip of what we should expect for the rest of the year.

One fine lady has come out to confess her bad Ashawo deeds online and claimed that she can never stop doing the Ashawo business.

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The lady in a video we sighted on Instagram stated that she’s been in the Ashawo business a very long time and the time for her to stop has passed.

Explaining further, she mentioned that her b00bs have both sagged to the extent that they are longer than someone’s manh00d.

The unidentified self professed Ashawo said she will just continue to give those sagged b00bs to the men in her usual Ashawo business.

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Sadly, this is the reality. Most of the girls we see around are engaged in commercial s£x trade known locally as Ashawo. Some of them have gone too deep into the business to the extent that they wish to stop but it’s too late for them.

Watch the lady as she narrates her ordeal below.


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