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Video: Lady Becomes Inarticulate After Experiencing First Brokenheart

In relationships, one thing that poses a nightmare to a lot of the people involved is the fear of a possible break up after a period of dating.

The fear of breaking up with the love of your life can bring a lot of uneasy times in your dating life. You begin to feel insecure whenever your partner begins to act strange.

But the sad reality is that, no matter how careful you are in your relationship, you are sure to encounter brokenheart as a result of breaking up at a point in time.

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It’s an experience that is worth its salt. Brokenheart has actually led a lot of people in relationships acting in manners that can’t be explained logically.

Everyday, on the internet, there is always a story of how someone is going nuts because he or she has been disappointed by someone they loved with their all.

The latest to experience this excruciating emotional journey of brokenheart is one fine young girl who became speechless after her boyfriend of many years jettisoned her for another one.

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In a video that was shared on social media, the girl was seen sitting down quietly and only the tears that drew contour lines on her beautiful cheeks was communicating.

She was also restless and changed a lot of places just to get over the pain. An attempt by her colleagues to find out what was happening didn’t yield any results.

We have the short video which captures everything about her for you below.


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