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Video: Lady A$$aults Boyfriend At A Bus Stop For Ending Their Relationship

For the past few weeks, domestic v!olence has been the biggest topic discussed in Africa following the d£ath of Nigerian gospel artist Osinachi Nwachukwu.

The topic resurfaced with a lot of commentary surrounding it. Many have called for drastic measures including severe punishment of perpetrators to be instituted to help curb domestic v!olence.

Whiles the debate was still going on, one man has been seen being a$$aulted by his girlfriend for ending their relationship.

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The woman is of Nigerian descent but that of the man is not yet known, though he is also a black man.

The two live in Russia, Moscow. The lady became angry that the man ended their relationship abruptly without informing her earlier.

She accused the man of wasting her time and resources on a relationship that he knew was going nowhere.

She can be heard in the video screaming at the top of her voice, hurling insults at the man whiles pulling his dreadlocks.

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She also landed some Mike Tyson type of p#nches on the man’s face.

The man didn’t act like he was being att@cked. He maintained his cool in all of the brouhaha.

The lady finally requested that the man should return all the investment she has made in the relationship.

Check out the video below.


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