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Video: Juju Man Fills Basket With Water

There are a lot of strange things happening in the world and not even science has got some answers to such yet.

One of such rare happenings is the case where a voodoo man performed some magic on a basket and filled it with water.

As usual of baskets, it cannot hold water and for someone to fill it with water through incantation is something that will be difficult to explain.

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The Juju Man is seen wearing a white long garment and tied around the mouth of the basket some amulets.

After which he sprinkled some powdered substance inside the basket and started pouring water into it.

The water from the bucket was emptied into the basket and surprisingly, not even a single drop fell from it.

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He lifted the basket for people to see that it was not leaking from the bottom.

Check out the video below.


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