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Video: Irate Youth Búrn Truck Full Of Cattle After It K!lled 3

Vehicular accidents are inevitable and as such bound to happen in our vicinities once in a while.

This is a known fact that cannot be disputed by anybody. But there are instances when an accident occurs and people blame the driver of the said vehicle and in some cases even want to ass@ult these drivers.

One of such scenes was created in Anambra State in Nigeria when a truck loaded with cattle ran into a parked vehicle at a washing bay kill!ng three people including the car washer in the process.

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The youth of the Awka community where the incident happened got angered by the sheer negligence of the driver and bu*nt the truck including the cattle to ashes.

The driver fled the scene for fear of his life leaving his truck and the cattle to the mercy of the irate youth.

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They accused the driver of reckless driving leading to the lost of precious lives in the community. Check out the video below.


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