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Video: If Your Wife Sl@ps You, Go Out And Drink Alcohol – Rev. Father Advises Men

What will you do if your wife gives you a dirty sl@p in your home? Well, I guess you’re fuming with anger already even though that has not happened yet.

A revered man of God has advised men never to hit their wives when they provoke them.

Reverend Father Oluoma Chinenye John whiles ministering to his congregation told the men to also restrain themselves from hitting their women even at the highest provocation.

He advised men to leave the house in the event that their wives sl@p them. Whiles outside, they should find some Hero to drink to cool down their nerves.

In his words: “Your wife sl@ps you. What do you do? A canal man, what will a canal man do? The sl@p will not even reach the man’s face, he will cease the hand there and bre@k all the four fingers first, and be@t the living daylight out of the woman.

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“A spiritually matured progressive wife cannot sl@p the husband. But if you are a man and you are unfortunate and your wife sl@ps you, measured response. Oga, don’t do anything. Carry your cloth, go out of the house.

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“If the blessed sacrament is far from you, do one Our Father, three Haile Maries, go and take one bottle of Hero. When you take one bottle of Hero, you calm down, you hear? Measured response. You begin to consult with the Holy Spirit, what do I do? You will get a response.”


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