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Video: “If You Want To Marry, Go For A Born One” – Ajagurajah Advises

Non-conformist Ghanaian pastor Bishop Ajagurajah has sent a word of advice to young guys and girls who are looking for a partner to marry.

The controversial Ajagurajah in a video posted on his Instagram page advised that, when a guy or a lady is about to marry, he or she should consider settling down with someone who has a child or two before.

Explaining further, Bishop Ajagurajah said most of the people who have children before marriage know how to treat a woman and a man properly when they finally get married.

Contrary to the popular notion that single ladies and boys who have no children yet, are the best for marriage, Bishop Ajagurajah thinks it is rather the opposite.

To him, Anyone who has a child before is wise enough to maintain a good home. Also, the fellow knows the value of life – a reason why he or she didn’t cause abort!on like others.

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Bishop Ajagurajah explained further that, girls we all think have no children yet have aborted quite a good number of babies in their previous numerous relationships.

So in effect, they have also given birth technically but just that they have decided to eliminate their children before they could mature for birth.

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Bishop Ajagurajah is a very controversial pastor whose doctrines and teachings sometimes, go in sharp contrast with the average pastor’s preachings.

He is the pastor who is noted for serving his congregation food and meat after church services.

Watch him below as he dishes out the million-dollar advice to young people readying themselves for marriage.



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