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Video: I Will Rather D!e In Ukraine Than Go Back To Ghana – Man Says

Since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, a lot of countries in the world are doing all they can to evacuate their citizens to safety.

Many of those who are students and workers in Ukraine have been making clarion calls on their countries’ governments to come to their aid.

Video of Ghanaian students who were trapped in an underground hideout in Ukraine trended on social media forcing the government to expedite action on how to get the Ghanaian community in Ukraine to safety.

The members of parliament in Ghana have been debating on how best the country can do to assist her citizens in the war rocked country.

In the midst of all the panic, one Ghanaian man seems to be very comfortable and doesn’t look like he will join the plane to Ghana if the chance comes.

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In a video he recorded, he mentioned that Ghanaian parliamentarians have been talking about evacuating them to Ghana but he is not ready to go back to Ghana.

In the video, the yet-to-be identified man said he will rather be k!lled by a bomb than going back to Ghana. Many including himself will choose to stay in Ukraine than coming back to Ghana. The reasons are obvious! The hardships in Ghana is a war in a different form.

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People d!e on the daily due to one problem or the other. But of course, the economic hardships can’t be taken out of the equation.

Watch him pour his heart out below.



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