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Video: “I Will Rather Be A Rebel Than A Slave” – Charged Naija Lady Fumes During Protest

Nigerians are known around the globe for a lot of good things especially in sports and entertainment. But one good quality about Nigerians that people are missing is their ability to stand up and f!ght for their rights.

Today, the 12 day of June, 2021 will go down in history as the day that the citizens defied Covid-19 and threats from the security forces to march on the streets to protest against an administration that they describe as inept and insensitive.

The protest which comes at a time when the Nigerian authority is encroaching on the citizens’ right to information by blocking Twitter in the country is one of the most participated protests in recent times: maybe second to the End SARS protest which lasted for close to a month.

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One female protester has caught the attention of social media users after she was captured on tape pouring her frustrations out on the Buhari’s government.

The unidentified lady said in the video that protesting is a basic human right that they are entitled to and the president is not a monster that should be feared.

She added that Nigerians are not refugees in their own country and that they have the right to speak truth to power when things are not moving well.

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She made a very profound statement, that, she would rather be a rebel than a slave in her own country.

Women in Nigeria are among the most vociferous when it comes to fighting for the good of the citizens. Aisha Yesufu, DJ Switch and a host of others are notoriously known for their active participation in f!ghting for the right thing to be done in Nigeria.

Check out the video below.


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