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Video: “I Exchanged My Manh**d For Money For This Girl” – Man Narrates His Ordeal

Out of love, many people have done the unthinkable and are regretting their not-so-wise actions in the long run.

Men, in particular, are the worst culprits in this regard. Some of them have committed heavy investments into taking care of girls only to be disappointed in them one day.

There are a number of instances where a man after taking care of a girl’s education is jilted by the girl for another man.

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One distressed man is currently lamenting his actions and is contemplating su!cide after he used his manh00d for money to give his lover a comfortable life.

Months after entering into this damning commitment, the lady refused his proposal to marry him.

The man who is seething with pain and anger, cried uncontrollably and not even the presence of his friends and other spectators could stop him from expressing his emotions.

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Watch the video below and learn from his mistake.


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