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Video: Girls Discuss Their Feelings During 0rgasm

During S3xual intimacy, one thing both partners are looking for is the wow feeling that the act will bring them. This feeling is all that it is to s3x. All other things come as secondary.

The way and manner people reach the highest peak of s3xual ecstasy varies among individuals. A lot of factors contribute to these variations.

Some people are wired genetically to reach the big “O” with a little touch from the opposite s3x whiles others need more than just some few touches.

Men, in particular, have 99.99% chance of reaching 0rgasm during love making than their female partners. Most men can even 0rgasm in less than 120 seconds. You have ever heard of the term, “1 minute man”, right? This is why.

Well, research findings have shown that, it takes ladies more time to reach 0rgasm than their male counterparts.

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Due to this, it has been suggested that, men must take their time when dealing with ladies during intimacy. F0replay, and a lot if it, for that matter, is encouraged if a man actually wants to give his partner that heavenly feeling.

Most girls are also said to have never experienced 0rgasm before whiles a good number of others also fake 0rgasm just to feed the ego of their male partners.

But how does it feel like to experience real 0rgasm as a lady? Is it even possible as many have come to state that the female reaching 0rgasm is just a myth?

Proven facts have shown that ladies can have 0rgasm and theirs can even be more intensed than men.

Some girls are caught on camera discussing how they feel the time they experienced their maiden 0rgasm with their boyfriends.

The video which was posted on the Instagram page of Archipalago, had the girls speaking in the twi language, describing how it feels like to have an 0rgasm.

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One of the ladies remarked that, having 0rgasm with your partner is a feeling that she can’t find an adjective to describe. Her facial expressions and general body language said it all during her presentation.

The other girls agreed with her. This has gone to confirm that a lot of girls can actually reach 0rgasm when they meet the right people who will implement the right tactics on them.

Everyone deserves to reach the big O during love making. Know your body and let your partner be in the known and the rest will be a story you can’t tell to your friends…Lol.


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