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Video: Ghanaian Dancer, Dancegod Iloyd Shares Lovely Moment With His Mom

Like they always say, the mother is one of the most important human figures in one’s life and should be taken with all the care one can gather.

Most people revere their mothers even above their fathers though it’s the both of them who came together to bring you to the earth.

The reason being that, the mother spends most of the time with her children. They get to see her most often than the father. The mother also tends to take very good care of the children and this relationship continues till death do them apart.

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Ghanaian entertainer and award-winning dancer, Dancegod Iloyd has taken to his instagram page to warm the hearts of many with a lovely video of him and his mother.

The dancer who has made it to the international scene with his incredible dance moves was spending some quality time with his mother when he decided to take the video for social media.

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She made her contest with him in the #FullMagazineChallenge. It’s a new social media vibe where people challenge one another to mention it without hiding some of the alphabets in it.

The mother struggled a bit and both laughed over it to the delight of social media users.

Check out the video below.


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