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Video: Drunk Lovers Caught Doing The Unthinkable By The Roadside

Before we even introduce the story proper, we want to say that alcohol should never be your thing if you know you can’t drink responsibly. Stay away from it if you can to avoid embarrassing yourself.

Back to the story, a video of two lovers who were brutally drunk and were standing by the roadside doing the unthinkable is fast topping the trends on social media.

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The video caught the two lovers ostensibly drunk and were leaning against each other in a very sober mood.

It appeared that the two love birds were knocked off their feet by the power of what was contained in the small alcoholic bottle.

A close look at the video showed that the lovers were about to sleep and they chose to lean against each other to probably launch a new vertical sleeping position.

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A bewildered driver on the highway took the video of them on the roadside from the inside of his or her vehicle. The video made its way to the various social media platforms and people are wondering what sort of sleeping style they were trying to introduce.

Check out the video below.


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