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Video: Don’t Talk To Me If You’re A Married Man – Pretty Lady Warns

A video is circulating on social media where a very beautiful lady is seen giving a word of caution to all married men to stay away from her.

The lady whose identity is not readily available told married men to back off from her DM because she was not ready for the humiliation that awaits her if she falls in love with a married man.

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The lady explained further that she didn’t like the case whereby the man will cheat on her with his wife. Due to this, she was ready to protect her space and peace by staying away from married men.

Many people didn’t understand why she should feel cheated on especially when the man is having an affair with his legal wife. Well, she probably has a PhD in entitlement; who knows?

However absurd her statement and demands may appear, she has made her intentions known and the least we can do is to respect her decision.

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Watch the short video below.


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