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Video: Don’t Marry For $ex, You Will Get Tired Along The Way – Pastor Stokes Debate

Marriage is a well respected institution in the world. Aside the fact that it’s the conduit for bringing children into the world, it also provides some form of security and companionship to the partners.

Many marry for various reasons. Some look out for the guaranteed s*xual satisfaction that marriage comes along with. Others consider beyond just s*x.

But whatever your reasons for marriage might be, having great s*x is the lubricant that is needed to lubricate the knots and bolts of the marriage. Good s*x strengthens the marriage in many forms.

Good s*x in marriages brings about enormous peace in the family. It is an undeniable fact that about 70% of quarrels among married couples come as a result of bad or inadequate s*xual satisfaction.

So the bottom line is that, s*x cannot be taken out of the equation when we want to build sustained marriages.

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But one evangelist has stoked some controversy regarding the role of s*x in marriage. He believes that couples must never marry for s*x. In other words, s*x should not be the reason for them marrying.

Pastor Debo Adeleye, as the man of God is identified, told his congregation that they should never marry for s*x. He gave a couple of reasons for his stance.

He explained that when a man marries for s*x he will be tired of s*x along the way and it will begin to affect the marriage. The man of God therefore admonished his congregation to find better reasons for their marriages and never make s*x a pivotal part of their relationship.

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The video has been making waves on social media where a lot of people are throwing up different views. Many feel that when s*x is taken out of marriage then there will be no need marrying in the first place.

To such people, marriage cannot exist without s*x and the equation will be incomplete without the big O giver.

Check out the video below and also let us know what you think.


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