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Video: Dog Shows Its Hat£ For Donald Trump By Rejecting A Gift With His Name

Dogs are amazing animals with some superior intellect which makes them act and behave in ways that are far above most animals.

The dog being one of the first animals to be tamed by men and used in the house as a pet has maintained a very cordial relationship with the human being ever since.

Dogs when trained well can do a lot of amazing stuffs. They mostly hear and understand the languages widely spoken in their vicinity and can act according to instructions given them.

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One dog has just shown its disdain for former America president Donald Trump by rejecting food that its owner gave it and added that the food was from Trump.

The owner of the dog started giving it some food and was mentioning where the various foods were coming from. This dog was busily eating until she gave it one delicacy and mentioned that it’s from Donald Trump.

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It quickly refused to pick the food and also decided to face the other side to show its anger towards what has happened.

Check out the hilarious video below.


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