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Video: Dog Saves Boy From His abʋsivɛ Mother

Dogs are not just pets that we keep at home for companionship but they perform the role of security as well. Dogs when trained well can be of immense help to their owners.

A dog that is very fond of its owners can put its life on the line to save the owners from dangɛr. They’re submissively loyal to their owners.

A dog at home as a pet offers more than just  friendship. Dogs are the only pets that can ward off dangɛr from the home even in the absence of the owners of the home.

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A viral video is making the rounds on social media where a dog is seen struggling with the mother of a son who jokingly tried to wh!p the boy with a long stick.

The dog saw the incident and quickly jumped to the rescuɛ of the young boy. It tried to snatch the stick from the woman with its mouth. The dog strugglɛd with the woman and at the end was successful and took the stick from the mother.

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The incident has warmed the hearts of internet users who are heaping praises on the dog. Many have also reignited their love for dogs and have promised to get some for their homes.

Check out the video below.


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