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Video: Discover The Ghanaian Night Club That Offers Nak3d Strippers To Men

We have a lot of night clubs in Ghana to compliment our high taste for entertainment in the country.

These night clubs are dotted across the length and breadth of the country. But they’re much saturated in the urban cities than the rural areas.

One thing that is not common among the night clubs is the presence of strippers. We have very few night clubs that provide strippers to their patrons.

But one night club that has received the attention of the people in this regard is the Sun City pub at Kwabenya in Accra.

At Sun City, there are strippers who twerk to the delight of male patrons. They can go at any length to satisfy their male patrons including going almost nak3d or completely nak3d in front of h0rny men.

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A video of one session in the night club was shared by blogger, Ronnie Is Everywhere. In the said video, the ladies were seriously shaking their bare nyash around the manh00ds of men.

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They wore skimpy bikinis with some really hot waist beads to arouse the men the more. We have the video for you here.

If you need such a place to patronize in Ghana, you now know where to go, right? The Sun City pub in Kwabenya awaits you.

Enjoy the video below.


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