Home Social Buzz Video: Daring Thiɛf Stɛals Pineapple From A Moving Truck

Video: Daring Thiɛf Stɛals Pineapple From A Moving Truck

Some thiɛves are actually good at what they do and they always execute their operations to perfection. They sometimes execute their job so well that one is left with no option than to admire their intelligence and determination.

One of these daring thiɛves has done the unthinkable by climbing a moving truck loaded with pineapple. Whiles the vehicle was in motion, the thiɛf started stɛaling the pineapple inside a fertilizer sack.

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After picking to his satisfaction, he lowered the sack with the pineapple down on the road and slowly also descended from the moving truck to pick his sack of pineapple.

All this happened in broad daylight with other vehicles on the road. He stole the items in the full glare of other road users but he wasn’t deterred but went about his duty like there was no one around in the first place.


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