Home Social Buzz Video: Cow Walks Majestically Into A Hospital Ward – Watch

Video: Cow Walks Majestically Into A Hospital Ward – Watch

Trending online currently is a video of a cow that has invaded a hospital in Nigeria where it’s seen walking majestically inside the wards.

Patients and health workers fled the ward leaving the cow alone in the ward doing its “inspection” of the empty beds.

Nigeria is a country that has been accused by its citizens of promoting the rights of cows and cattle herders even more than the people.

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With Buhari as the president of Nigeria and a known owner of kraals of cattle, the herders have been emboldened to the crescendo.

They’re alleged to be committing all kinds of atrocities to people and their source of livelihoods especially their farms.

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The video of the cow taking over the hospital ward comes as a no surprise to the people and it has reaffirmed what they’ve been holding for a long time now.

Watch the video below.


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