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Video: Couples Turn Bedroom Into Boxing Ring In A Fierce Fisticuff

These days, domestic v!olence has soared astronomically high across all the corners of the earth. News of one partner abusing the other is becoming more and more prevalent.

In some cases, the verbal and emotional abuse graduates to physical where there has always been fatalities.

The scariest part of the whole show is that a good number of people have lost their lives as a result of uncontrolled tempers in the relationships.

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There is currently a very disturbing video making the rounds on social media where a young couple engaged themselves in a serious fisticuff in their room.

The lady is seen throwing the first punch in the video and as expected the boy returned the favor in a little over equal measure.

The incident continued till such a time that the boy overpowered the lady and pinned her to the ground with some Mike Tyson-like punches. The video was shared on Instagram where a lot of people are having a bite on it.

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The video is seen below. As a portal, we say no to domestic v!olence of any sort. It’s primitive and deserves no place in our modern society.


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