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Video: Christians And Muslims Don’t Worship The Same God – Pastor Chris Drops Bombshell

In the Abrahamic faiths comprising Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they all believe in the oneness of God and they all believe that they worship the one true God.

But taking a cursory look at the mode of worship and the various contradictions emanating from their preachings, one would wonder if all of these are actually worshipping the same God.

To the Muslim, the Christian is lost and needs to be saved and to the Christian, the Muslim is also lost and needs to be saved through Jesus Christ. Judaism is pretty much been on the verge of being relegated completely leaving the two younger religions battle it out for supremacy.

This argument has been going on for a long time now. But it seems head pastor of the Christ Embassy Ministry, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has the answer to this ever popping question: are Christians and Muslims worshipping the same God? According to pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the answer is an emphatic no!

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Some few months ago during a live online broadcast he was asked this same question from one of his viewers from Zambia by name, Grace. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome answered her that Muslims worship a different God from Christians and that the two religions are miles apart when it comes to the God they worship.

Below is what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the lady from Zambia.

“Grace from Zambia is asking, “is the Muslim God the same as those of Christians?” No, there is a reason why I say no. A Muslim may not think that I’m right to say that we’re not serving the same God, but I can say we are not. The reason I said they’re not the same God is this… The God that the Christian worship sent Jesus and Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the father (that means God) except through me”. So, if there is any religion in the world that people try to go to God without going through Jesus, then of course that must be another God; Muslims and Christians are not serving the same God, because the God of the Christian is the God of Jesus Christ.

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He is the God who raised Jesus from the dead because the Christian believe that God raised Jesus from dead and that Jesus is not dead. He died but God raised Him up and showed Him openly to people who saw Him alive and when He went to heaven, He didn’t vanish. According to the Bible, He just ascended from the ground and they saw Him lifted and went into the cloud as they watched Him. Another beautiful thing about Jesus is the fact that His name has power. When you pray in the name of Jesus the Father answers, that’s why Christians believe so much in miracle.”

Watch the video below.


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