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Video: Check Out El Lizato’s Vibes As He Hangs Up With Ibrahim Mahama

Ghanaian wordplay comedian, El Lizato has got Ghana’s billionaire, Ibrahim Mahama laughing heartily as the two caught up to have fun.

The rare video was shared by the wordsmith who appeared totally elated for meeting up with one of Ghana’s biggest business moguls.

El Lizato has a unique way of entertaining his audience which makes him stand out among his peers.

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He blends proverbs and spices them up with his own witty creations, giving live to bored people who watch him online and during concerts.

He has made a name for himself for crafting some of the most popular and profound statements about love and general life happenings.

He makes jokes with current affairs, making light of all the serious matters happening in the country.

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In the era of covid-19 coupled with the hard economic situation of Ghanaians, El Lizato comes in handy in easing life for the people.

Check out the video below and have a good laugh.


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