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Video: Caretaker Pours Hot Water On The Br£ast Of A Young Girl Under Her Care

A young girl is battling for her life after her aunty poured hot water on her br£ast for a crime that is yet to be established.

The young lady is captured on camera wailing and rolling after her br3ast was literally deteriorating after the burns she suffered from the hot water.

This sad incident is said to have happened in Nigeria. Social media users have been expressing their views on the incident with many condemning the act by the woman.

Majority are also calling on the authority to arrest the woman and bring her to book.

In a related news, a young guy of age 14 is also battling for his life after a teacher at the Nalerigu senior high school allegedly poured acid on him for allegedly stealing a bicycle.

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The teenager who is currently responding to treatment at the Baptist medical center in Nalerigu has his leg and arm amputated due to the severity of the damage the acid caused him.

In a JoyNews’ report, the boy was picking metal scrubs when he gathered so much that his own bicycle which didn’t have a carrier could not carry his load.

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He picked a bicycle nearby which had a carrier to cart his goods to town to sell.

On his way back to return the bicycle and pick his, the teacher and some friends caught him and accused him of stealing the bicycle.

They subjected him to severe b£atings for about six hours. Later the man identified as the teacher poured the acid on the legs and hands of the victim.

Father of the victim is calling for justice.


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