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Video: Brokenhearted Man Found Crying His Pains Out Inside A Polytank – Watch

Brokenheart has the power to turn the mightiest person in the world into the most meek of all in few seconds.

Both men and women suffer brokenhearts and this emotional trauma has no respect for personalities.

Even rich men and women, including kings and queens have fallen victims at a point in their life time.

The consequences of brokenheart can range from mild to severe and in some cases profound to the extent that some contemplate on commiting su!c!de.

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One guy has been caught crying seriously inside a Polytank because his girlfriend called it a quit with him.

The video which has since gone viral on social media has been receiving some savage reviews from the judges on the bench at the court of public opinion.

Many have slammed the man for being weak, but can you blame them? Probably “love no catch them before”.

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A friend who captured him on tape can be heard saying that he will make him go viral – something he was doing to register his displeasure at the way his friend has become weak because of a girl.

The video is attached below for your viewing pleasure.


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