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Video: Bizarre Scenes As Pastor Makes His Congregants Carry Him To Church

The church was once a revered institution that attracted so much respect and trust in the past.

But same cannot be said of the church nowadays. The past glory is lost and buried in the footprints of the yesteryears.

The reason for this decline is simple: a lot of all manner of people have taken over church activities as pastors and the likes.

This set of people doesn’t even need the approval of anybody to become or call themselves pastors or bishops or even prophets.

Once you have the money to build a place of worship for yourself, you are referred to as a pastor straightforwardly.

This fraudulent crop of people has carried out all manner of bizarre activities in the church.

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Fleecing their poor congregants of their meager resources in the name of spiritual intervention has become their claim to fame.

Every day, new people who are in this bracket are discovered across the globe. They’re most prevalent in Africa, by the way.

One such self-styled pastor has been discovered in a yet-to-be-identified church and country in Africa.

A video that is currently traveling at top speed on the streets of social media has one pastor who has his congregants carrying him on a chair when he stepped out of his car to go for church activities.

The pastor has a special chair that is brought out on any church day and he sits on it to be carried by able-bodied men of his church to the church’s auditorium.

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The video has received enough backlash from netizens. Many have blamed the congregants for acting ignorant and not applying common sense to what they do.

But truth is that you can’t blame a desperate person who wants to escape the claws of poverty in a hopeless African country.

The men and women who throng these con churches do so to get one solution to the other. Their problems have blinded them to good reason.

Check out the video of the pastor below.


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