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Video: Ashawo Girl Narrates How She Joined The Dark Business

Due to the high economic hardships in the continent of Africa, a lot of people have devised various dubious means of survival.

The high spate of social vices is a clear testament of what the people are going through in the continent. Whiles the guys have gone into robbery, fraud and other vices, the girls have also taken up prost!tution as a survival mechanism.

Girls are now proud of the work that they do in the Ashawo business. A lot of people have been profiting from this seemingly booming Ashawo business ecosystem including men.

Some men have recruited desperate young girls who want to just survive, into hook up groups where they’re offered to men in exchange of money.

Some years ago, calling a lady an ashawo was the highest form of offense but now the reverse is the truth as majority have joined the business.

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One beautiful lady has come out clearly to identify herself as an ashawo and she doesn’t even feel bad about it.

In a video we sighted on Instagram, the beautiful lady was seen narrating her transition from a chaste girl to an ashawo.

She captured all of this in a simple message which she transcribed in the video without uttering a word. She simply said, she once called some girls ashawo but now she has joined them.

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Yes, her case is not in isolation as majority of young girls growing up despised the practice so much until when they reached adulthood where the reality of life dawned on them.

They had to dance to the tune of the hardships they’re faced with as adults. Ashawo business isn’t a job that they chose for themselves but the job located them.

Check out the video below.



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