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Video: Armed Robbers Cart Away Bags Of Money From A Bank

Some armed robbers have brazenly stormed the premises of a bank in Nigeria in broad daylight, robbing the bank of millions of Naira.

The armed robbers who did not disguise themselves in masks as they usually do, entered the bank after firing shots sporadically from their sophisticated weapons.

It’s reported that, at least, five people have lost their lives in the operation. The victims, according to multiple reports include some police officers who were detailed at the bank to maintain law and order.

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In the video which was captured by a neighbor, the armed men could be seen carting away the money in bags. Some of the armed robbers were standing in the middle of the road surveying for any possible reprisal from the people or the security.

The other robbers inside the bank also came out, carrying bags of money in multiple turns. The security situation in Nigeria is truly getting worst by the day.

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Check out the video below.


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