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Video: Apostle Suleman Explains Why A Man Can Never Understand A Woman

There are some men of God who are blessed with so much wisdom that they usually speak to the masses impactfully without quoting the scriptures.

They are blessed with the tongue that makes light of every difficult subject and they maneuver their way around it seemlessly. You can call them motivational speakers, if you like.

One of such rare men of God is Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman. This man is one of the highly respected clergymen in Nigeria even though he has some not-so-good records. But generally speaking, his good far outweighs his bad.

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In a recent video we stumbled upon on social media, Apostle Johnson Suleman was speaking to his congregation about how difficult it is for one to ever attempt understanding a woman.

He explained that women were not created by God to be understood by men. Apostle Suleman mentioned that women are apparently competing with God that’s why they fix hair, nails, eye lashes etc on top of what God gave them already.

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He added that women always have a plan B. So if a man is lucky to be the only plan for his woman, then the heavens have really blessed him abundantly.

Check out the video below and also learn something new about the female gender.


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