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Video: Angry Dad cuts The Dreadlocks Of His Son In a Military Style

Grooming one’s hair to be dreadlocks is coming back as the new fashion for young Africans.

History of dreadlocks is traced to the black man. Unfortunately, the culture was lost to modernity and has been slowly creeping in again.

Many young Africans – both male and female now have dreadlocks and they walk with it with pride.

But just as stated above, there’s still some form of stigma associated with wearing dreadlocks or even having some as your natural hair.

A lot of families will not allow their children to have dreadlocks hair at all in their homes.

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Other parents will also deny a man the opportunity to marry from their family if the man is having his hair locked.

One of such parents is caught on tape passing a pair of scissors through the head of his son who had dreadlocks.

The man who was very angry about his son’s fashion choice can be seen in the video dealing ruthlessly with the youth.

He had to apply some bit of force to get his way through. He laid a couple of sl@ps on his son’s face before he could cut off the dreadlocks.

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His wife, the mother of the boy, was in total support and they warned that his life will be in ruins if they don’t “discipline” him.

The video has gone viral on social media. Whiles some are considering the act as a human rights abuse, others think it’s the best way to discipline the son who was deviating from their family’s values and norms.

Check out the video below.



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