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Video: Aisha Yesufu Gives Tips To Ladies On How To Propose To A Man – Watch

For centuries, it’s held that women cannot propose love to men they like. Even though this issue is not grounded on any logical or scientific premises, it’s still held high in most societies.

Some cultures in Africa frown on women who are bold enough to approach men they love. The society berates such women, labeling them as cheap prost!tutes.

But popular Nigerian human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has challenged this notion and has asked ladies to learn how to propose to men they love.

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She explained that she was the one who approached her husband and proposed to her. In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Aisha narrated that those she dated in the past, she was the one who made the move on them.

She recounted a funny instance where she wrote a proposal letter to her classmate back at secondary school, professing her love for him but the boy turned her down.

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She added that, her letter was read in the class and she felt embarrassed but didn’t let that weigh her down. Watch the video below for more gist.


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