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Video: Afia Schwar Goes Ballistic On Ghanaians Over Moesha’s Condition

Loudmouthed self-styled queen of Ghana’s comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger has gone haywire on Ghanaians over the mental state of repented slay queen, Moesha Bodoung.

Some few weeks ago, Moesha was all over the news for coming out to declare that she has given her life to Jesus Christ. She followed that up by deleting all her raunchy photos and videos on her social media pages to authenticate her new found salvation.

Ghanaians took her declaration with some pinch of salt as many thought she was so engrossed in the slay queendom to the extent that she can’t just give up like that. Others also speculated that, probably her sugar daddy has refused to sign the cheques no more, forcing her to abandon the much lucrative business of side chick-ism to join the pulpit.

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But in all of these, Moesha has proven that her claim that she has repented is not “audio” but something very real. She is even alleged to have sold most of the properties she acquired through doing what can generously be described as prost!tution over the years and given the proceeds to the church.

Afia Schwar who has been dragged into the matter by social media users for not posting Moesha to console her in the midst of all the attacks has responded.

In a video she posted on her social media handles, the opinionated media personality did not spare Ghanaians at all. She described Ghanaians as being very stup!d who don’t know what they want in life.

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In the video, she chronicled the events that led to Moesha’s mental breakdown to the point where she even contemplated on taking her own life. Afia Schwar accused Ghanaians of pushing Moesha to the mental cliff where she is on the verge of losing her sanity.

The full content of the video can’t be written here but we have attached the video below for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below.



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