Home Viral News Video: 2 Boys Arrested For Collecting Fresh Urine Of Women

Video: 2 Boys Arrested For Collecting Fresh Urine Of Women

Two boys were arrested by area vigilantes for collecting the urine of two ladies who freed themselves at a nearby road.

According to reports, the boys were spotted at the scene where some women just urinated and left the scene.

The boys rushed to the spot and started conveying the fresh urine in its liquid form into a container. Passerbys and onlookers who saw their action weird approached them to ask why they were doing that.

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The boys could not explain their actions and the community vigilantes kept pressuring them to know their mission.

It is suspected that the boys were collecting the urine for ritual purposes. As such the women were cautioned to always know where to ease themselves when there is the need for them to do so.

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The video was shared online and we have it here for you. Check it out below. Swipe left.



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