Home Viral News Video: 12-YO Boy Apprehended For Trying To K!ll His Mom For R!tuals

Video: 12-YO Boy Apprehended For Trying To K!ll His Mom For R!tuals

Unconfirmed reports we are getting have it that a 12-year-old boy has been apprehended by the community members for allegedly trying to k!ll his mother for money r!tuals.

The incident was posted by blogger, Atinkanews on their official Instagram page where the background had some twi music playing.

Even though the place where the incident happened is still cloudy, the music gives us a clue that the incident happened in Ghana and mostly likely in the southern part of Ghana.

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Money r!tuals, whether legit or scam has been going on in most parts of Africa for a long time now. Many have argued against it, citing that there’s no spiritual exercise one can engage in to get rich apart from through hard work.

For whatever reason, money r!tualists have flooded everywhere from traditional media to social media advertising the powers that they are made of.

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Due to this, a lot of unsuspecting people visit them. This has increased r!tual k!llings astronomically in countries in the sub-saharan African region of late.

Check out the video of the boy below.


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