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Trust Actions And Not Words – Efia Odo Explains

Ghanaian socialite, Efia Odo is on rampage again on social media with her thought provoking posts.

Efia Odo is one of the few celebrities who is loved and hated in equal measure in the Ghanaian social media space.

But one good thing about her is that, she never allows negativity to get the better part of her. She knows how to handle whatever is thrown at her perfectly.

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She has dropped a thought provoking piece on her twitter handle today concerning the deceptive nature of people and how to deal with them.

Human beings by nature are betrayals and Efia is well aware of this fact. Due to this, she has advised people to focus their attention more on the actions of individuals instead of their words.

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According to her, people can say anything just to get what they want, so focussing on their sweet coated words will not let you know their real intentions.

She tweeted, “Trust actions not words. People can say whatever to get what they want.”


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