Home Social Buzz Throwback Video Shows How Hajia Bintu Got Her Big Nyash – Watch

Throwback Video Shows How Hajia Bintu Got Her Big Nyash – Watch

Talking about Ghanaians who have made a name through media, there’s always a name that keep repeating itself and that name is Hajia Bintu.

Hajia Bintu bursted into the scene some few years ago and was able to make an instant impact, capturing the attention of people like a contagious disease.

She particularly, made a lasting impression on the minds of men who loved her for what she was bringing to the table – her hot curves.

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It’s worth mentioning that when Hajia Bintu came into the spotlight, she had a lot of people to contend with. Moesha Bodoung, Princess Shingles, Fela Makafui among others were already topping the league of curvy women in Ghana.

But Hajia Bintu made it to the top rather seemlessly.

Whiles others pay a fortune to aquire their big nyash, Hajia Bintu on the other hand got it from nature. She was blessed by mother nature with some really hot and humongous ba¢kside.

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Taking to her verified Instagram page, Hajia Bintu posted a slideshow of how she was when she was little. The video showed the transition of her from childhood to adulthood.

As the popular saying goes that, “Picture do not lie”, Hajia Bintu really proved she was actually destined to be great through her curves.

Check the video below.


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