Home Social Buzz Throwback Video Shows How Abena Cilla Got Her Big Curves – Watch

Throwback Video Shows How Abena Cilla Got Her Big Curves – Watch

Abena Cilla is one name that has refused to go off in the minds of Ghanaians, especially those who appreciate ladies who are well endowed with huge nyansh.

She’s a low-key model who has used her circular hips to attract the attention of men in particular.

In an era where a lot of girls will go any length to acquire bigger Nyash through liposuction and the rest, we tend to suspect everyone with such charming figure. We can’t paint all of them with the same brush though. Some are truly blessed naturally with bigger bums.

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Abena Cilla who has also been suspect, has taken to her Instagram page to share a throwback video of when she was just growing up as a young girl.

In the video which comprises of grid of her old photos, she was already huge in her bottom area. It is safe to say that by then she didn’t know anything about liposuction talkless of undergoing one.

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Her assets are proven to be natural and she has been flaunting them all over social media without an apology. Check her out below.


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