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This Video Of How A Man Rolls On The Floor For Survival Will Break Your Heart – Watch

Until death one cannot say he or she has escaped the numerous challenges of life. This statement is probably the most underrated philosophical statements in this modern times.

Everyday we encounter people with different level of disabilities that we even think we are better off with our problems. Some of these people parade the streets on daily basis begging for alms for survival.

One of such sad moments have been captured on camera by someone who probably was shocked to the marrow how some people go through life to make ends meet.

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The video has captured one paralyzed man who survives by rolling on the floor everyday seeking help from people who ply their trade on the road. He is so paralyzed to the extent that he can’t even crawl or even use the supportive devices to aid in his movement.

The heart melting video was posted on Instagram by musician and talent manager Ogidi Brown. Ogidi Brown is himself relegated to the wheelchair after involving in an accident in Germany some few years ago.

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The video has got a lot of people pouring their emotions out: crying to God for help for such category of people. We have the video below for you. Always remember that until death, no one is above been reduced to this man’s level. Stay humble and help the needy when you can.


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