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This Could Be The Worst Form Of Brokenheart Ever To Happen To A Lady

In relationships these days the rate at which people get dumped by their adored partners is getting alarming as the days go by.

There’s hardly a day that will pass without one stumbling on one brokenheart story to another on the various social media platforms.

Some of these brokenhearts are caused by some of the most frivolous of reasons.

One thing that has been clear is that, there is no one approved way of breaking someone’s heart and as such you keep hearing weird reasons for breaking people’s hearts.

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One fine lady has taken to micro blogging platform, Twitter to narrate how she was served her own dose of brokenheart.

According to the lady only identified as Caroline, her boyfriend cheated on her and even went ahead to call her via video to make fun of her with the girl.

She narrated in a thread that she has been suspecting her boyfriend prior to the event that broke their long held relationship.

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But after some weeks of her own surveillance she found nothing only for the boy to call her to confirm to her that it was over between them in the most bizarre way.

“He didn’t just cheating me, he video called me with his girl and they started laughing at me”, she tweeted.


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