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The Pretty Face Doesn’t Count, It’s The Person Behind It – Xandy Kamel Says

Xandy Kamel has probably learned a lot of lessons after going through what we can comfortably describe as hard times regarding her relationship.

The actress and media personality is on her social media platforms preaching to her followers about how a fine face doesn’t matter much in relationships.

Xandy had a near divorce experience with her husband and this has actually shaped her thinking regarding what keeps a working relationship.

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She shared a photo of herself with her signature infectious smile and wrote: “Your looks don’t make you pretty it’s the person inside you that makes you pretty.”

The take-home in her post is simple; don’t rely on your outer beauty but rather the inner beauty which is your character.

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Many fine faces have had a very terrible relationship history. Most find it difficult maintaining a working relationship all because they’re not putting up the best character in their relationships.

In all this, what matters most is your character to keep a relationship going.


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