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Teflon Flexx Has This Message For Nana Akuffo-Addo Concerning The Affairs Of The Nation

Ghana is bedeviled with so many crisis from erratic electricity supply to the unstable economy and the rising cost of living.

All of these are happening in the second term of a president whom many Ghanaians trusted to deliver the country from the economic hardships prior to his ascension to the highest office of the land.

The president, Nana Akuffo-Addo and his government promised heaven but are only able to deliver hell after been voted back into power during the December 7, 2020 elections.

Most celebrities have joined the chorus to complain about what is happening in the country.

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Businesses are collapsing as a result of erratic power and outrageous taxes. Most companies are on the verge of laying off workers so that they can can manage with the cost of production.

Ghanaian rapper and singer, Teflon Flexx has also joined the many voices calling for Nana Akuffo-Addo to sit up and fix things as he promised.

He took to his twitter handle to write about the hardships that the country is currently going through.

“4more to do less #FixTheCountry”, he tweeted. This is in sharp contrast with the NPP’s slogan during the campaign season – “4 More to do More”.

In a follow up, he lamented how the security are simply promoting the culture of silence by arresting people who dare to speak truth to power.

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He cited the case involving artiste manager, Bulldog when he was picked up by the national security for what they described as “threatening the life of the president” during a radio interview.

“If you talk p3 Dem go come pick you up, they turned a mighty Bulldog to a lapdog and everybody is watching but afraid to talk #FixTheCountry”, he added.


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