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Stop Depending On Pastors, They’re Also Humans – Yaa Jackson

Ghanaian actress cum musician, Konadu Jackson, popularly known as Yaa Jackson has chastised modern day pastors for putting fears in their congregants.

According to the mother of one, most pastors nowadays don’t preach anything good apart from death, evil spirits, accidents and the likes.

She admitted that there are evil spirits but that, they can’t rule over her life and the lives of true believers.

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She admonished that people should stop depending too much on pastors as they’re also mere human beings like any other.

She took to instagram and wrote: “When will some pastors stop putting fears in the individuals. Always talking about negative stuffs (death, accident, evil spirit) and all that. There’s evil spirits but I believe and have faith that they can’t take over my life. It’s about time pastors stop  stop putting fears in us. Stop depending tok much on pastors they’re also humans.”


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